The Dayereh is a frame drum that holds a significant role in both traditional and classical Persian music, as well as in various Azeri music styles. This instrument is versatile and utilized in diverse social settings ranging from Persian classical concerts to street performances. Similar to the daf, the Dayereh may come with or without metal rings attached. However, the Azeri Dayereh is distinguished by its deeper sound. .

But playing with Dayereh is not just limited to the traditional style.

The heads of Dayerehs can made from either synthetic materials or natural skin. This Instrument plays a significant role in traditional and classical Persian music and various Azeri music styles.

Learning Path

Mastering the 'Tom' and 'Bak' and left-hand techniques, known as 'Chap' and 'Zanjir ', is a journey of joy and satisfaction. We can play in a traditional form or hold it between our legs, opening up a whole new world of playing possibilities.

Let's play the rich cultural heritage of the Iranian instrument, harnessing its versatility and unique sound.

Fundamental Techniques

“Tom” and “Bak” and left-hand techniques are called “Chap” and “Zanjir which are the three main basic strokes of Dayereh; however, there are a lot more strokes to play. We can play in a traditional form, and also we can put it between our legs and hold it, which allows us to play this instrument in another way.

Rhythmic Patterns  

Together, we'll explore a variety of grooves while enjoying the playback music. Rhythmic patterns are a world, and there is no limitation to them. We try together to go deep into this world and create as many rhythms as we can. These days, rhythm patterns are not limited to just one part of the world, as we live in an era in which all cultures are intermingled, so why don't we take such a beautiful advantage of it?

Performance Mastery

Let's not forget that mastering an instrument requires perseverance and passion, which leads to more practice, and practice makes perfect. But you are not alone in this trajectory; I'm with you and try to instruct you in the best possible way.

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